Par Recycle Works puts recycling on stage at Philly Home and Garden Show

ByBethany Owings WPVI logo
Thursday, January 23, 2020
Home and Garden tackles technology recycling
This year's show, you can bring your old cell phone, TVs, monitors and more.

Happen to have some old electronics lying around? Bring them to the Home and Garden Show to the Par-Recycle Works booth - and help change lives.

We're talking all the old cell phones, laptops, tablets, even if it doesn't work. The non-profit e-waste recycling service will deconstruct the equipment and destroy any data still on it. It's good for the environment but the company also has a strong social mission. There are 48,000 Pennsylvanians in state correctional institutions. Philadelphia has the state's highest incarceration rate, and PAR helps them get back on their feet by providing transitional employment.

Your donation can help save the environment and help someone stay with their family. That's a really big thing for an old cellphone to do!

Par Recycle Works | Website | Facebook

342 E Walnut Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19144