Greenery helps Philly build healthier, more sustainable communities

Green spaces have an enormous impact on our lives and can even influence how we feel, think, and act in ways both small and large.

In fact, recent studies have shown that green spaces - from parks to community gardens - have the power to reduce crime and improve the mental health of nearby residents in urban neighborhoods. The basis of these studies was the inspiring work of Philadelphia LandCare, a PHS program that cleans, greens, and stabilizes vacant lots to help return them to productive use.

As part of a strategic approach to neighborhood development, PHS works with 19 partners to maintain 12,000 vacant parcels of land throughout Philadelphia. That's 16 million square feet of greenery contributing to the beauty and sustainability of communities across the city!

Some of Philadelphia's most significant cultural and historical landmarks are surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens, trees, and lawns. These public landscapes, totaling more than 150 acres across Philadelphia, are overseen by the PHS Public Landscapes team using environmentally responsible methods, material and techniques.
Their impressive, picturesque work brings greenery to some of the city's most popular attractions for visitors, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Azalea Garden, Logan Square Swann Memorial Fountain, and the Rodin Museum.

The simple act of planting a tree can give the planter a sense of pride but it also has the power to improve air quality, shelter wildlife, prevent stormwater runoff, and keep city streets cooler in the summer months. Unfortunately, Philadelphia has one of the smallest tree canopies of any major city in the Northeast - just 20 percent of our land is covered by trees.

To help restore the region's tree canopy, PHS's Tree Tenders will plant 800 trees over the next year! Tree Tenders provide education to residents throughout the Philadelphia area and give them the tools and support to plant and care for trees on their own streets. Since 1993, the program has graduated over 5,000 Tree Tenders with more classes scheduled this fall.

The collaborative nature of these programs is at the heart of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's mission to help build beautiful, healthy, sustainable communities by connecting people to horticulture.

You can support PHS's greening work by attending PHeaSt, on October 12 at the PHS Pop Up Garden at uCity Square. Tickets are available now.

PHeaSt is a harvest celebration for a good cause, with each ticket furthering PHS's mission to create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable communities through horticulture. PHeaSt will feature a spread of delicious food from local restaurants and artisans and handcrafted cocktails inspired by the season's bountiful harvest. Live music will enliven the evening along with a few surprises to entertain guests in this beautiful garden setting.
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