There's a revolutionary new way to keep your grill fired up this summer! Propane home delivery is a 'Cynch'

Let's be honest. If you are like me, you probably find it irritating to unhook your used-up propane grill tank and lug it to the car to exchange it for a new one. All too often, we find ourselves glaring at that used tank, waiting to find a spare moment in our hectic life to exchange it. And when we finally get it in our car for its return journey, the sound of the tank slamming the walls of our trunks has given us all anxiety.

But what if I told you you'll never have to go through that process again?

That's right! Thanks to a new and innovative home delivery service that launched this summer from AmeriGas, grill tank exchange home delivery is now here. Cynch Propane Tank Home Delivery is now available in select areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and the price is going to shock you. For a limited time for first-time customers, Cynch will pick up your old tank (any brand) and drop off a new propane tank for only $10* when you use promo code EASY10 at checkout. That's right, it's only $10* for your first tank exchange delivered directly to your door from Cynch. So stop glaring at that old, used tank sitting in your backyard and go to to redeem your first tank, delivered to your doorstep, for only $10*!

At Cynch, their mission is to make your life simpler by providing a trusted, reliable, and safe propane tank home delivery service. Chris Cook, who's overseeing the Cynch launch in the region said: "Cynch was created to provide a convenient alternative to traditional propane tank exchange habits. We wanted to alleviate something many view as a hassle. Cynch is a service that can make life simpler, letting us do the heavy lifting in exchanging your propane tank or buying a spare tank."

For those of you looking to take advantage of this new services created by AmeriGas, simply go to, pick your delivery date, leave your used tank out front, and one of Cynch's reliable drivers will deliver a new tank to your doorstep. It's as simple as that. And for a limited time, for first-time customers, it's only $10*!

It's now a Cynch to get your propane tank delivered to your doorstep! Let Cynch fuel your fun all summer long!

Happy Grilling, everyone!

*Limited Time Offer-- Certain restrictions apply. See Try Cynch Offer Terms for details. Cynch tanks contain 15 lbs. of propane. Offer valid in certain zip codes in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Offer valid until December 31, 2019.
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