Study Hall Improv Show hosts online fundraiser to keep show going

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Study Hall is one of Philadelphia's longest-running improvisational comedy shows. It combines lectures and laughs from improv comedians.

"It's all about bringing great stories from the history of science and medicine and public health, together with improv comics to create some interesting satirical and silly scenes for comedy," says Michael Yudell, the resident historian for Study Hall and professor at Drexel University.

The troupe has performed for years at a variety of Philadelphia museums and Philly Improv Theater.

Through the pandemic, they have now gone virtual.

On Wednesday night, they hosted a one-hour fundraiser to keep the comedy coming.

"It will help us pay our entry fees for the Fringe Festival, but also, more importantly, to pay our improvisers who work really hard and do the show and help us all laugh," Yudell says. "It will be great to be able to to raise some funds to pay them.

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