Philadelphia Ballet Kicks Off 60th Anniversary Year with Carmen at the Academy of Music Oct. 5-15

BySteph Walton
Monday, October 2, 2023
Philadelphia Ballet kicks off 60th year with 'Carmen' in October
The Philadelphia Ballet is kicking off its 60th anniversary with a world premiere of Carmen at the Academy of Music.

PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia Ballet is remaking a classic opera-turned-ballet with Angel Corella's Carmen.

Corella says the story is full of "jealousy and betrayal," describing it as a very tragic fairy tale.

"This is going to be the first time that I'm actually choreographing it full length," he says.

Corella is celebrating his 10th year as the Philadelphia Ballet's artistic director.

Carmen is set in his native Spain.

Shelly Power, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Ballet, says this ballet is "meaningful to him."

"He's bringing some Spanish influence into Carmen," says Power.

Corella says not only is he using Georges Bizet's music, but the ballet is also going to have all new costumes and sets.

He actually designed the costumes and traveled to Spain to oversee the production.

"I want it to be as authentic as possible," says Corella.

He says at the same time, he also wanted to ensure the costumes did not restrict the dancers' movements.

"I'm very excited about bringing a little bit of the flamenco flavor," he says.

"And it is really magical to be able to see the choreography come together, and the artistry," says Power.

The story is set in the South of Spain and focuses on Carmen.

Corella describes her as being "very passionate."

"She likes to enjoy life very much," he says.

She's caught in a love triangle with two men - a bullfighter and an officer named Don José.

Corella says the latter, "falls madly in love with her, but she doesn't correspond the same way."

"She's full of life and it's impossible for Don José to retain her," he says.

Corella says the story is great for all people to experience, since it demonstrates how crazy passionate love can take someone to the limit.

"It's going to be very exciting," he says.

Philadelphia Ballet presents Angel Corella's Carmen October 5-15 at the Academy of Music.

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