Philadelphia Ballet brings 'The Sleeping Beauty' to Academy of Music, March 2-12

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Philadelphia Ballet Performs Beloved Fairy Tale, 'The Sleeping Beauty'
The Philadelphia Ballet has a performance that will make you feel like a kid again with a classical production of a beloved fairy tale.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Ballet will have you believing in the power of true love in artistic director Angel Corella's 'The Sleeping Beauty.'

"It's a great ballet for the whole family," says Corella.

This is the second time the Philadelphia Ballet is performing Corella's production and it's taking place at the Academy of Music.

"It's very similar to the Disney story," says Corella.

It tells the story of Princess Aurora, beginning with her as a child.

In the first act, he says many fairies dance for Princess Aurora before the Carabosse comes and casts the bad spell on her.

Then when the princess turns 16, she pricks her finger on a spindle and falls asleep. The prince goes to see Sleeping Beauty and of course, there's the famous kiss.

It's a classic fairy tale, but also a romantic love story and it's all set to Tchaikovsky's familiar score.

"There's a lot of really, really famous passages of music," says Corella.

And the dancing is powerful.

"It's actually one of the hardest ballets, especially for Aurora," says Corella.

He says he condensed what is usually a four-hour ballet to under two hours.

"I tried to make it very dynamic and very easy to watch, especially for the little ones," says Corella.

This season he says they wanted to bring audiences back into the theater and is dedicating this season to them.

The Philadelphia Ballet will perform 'The Sleeping Beauty' March 2-12 at the Academy of Music.

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