Disney 'Beauty and the Beast' on now at Walnut Street Theatre through Dec. 31

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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Disney 'Beauty and the Beast' set for run at Walnut Street Theatre
The Walnut Street Theatre is staging a Disney show that will have you singing along to "a tale as old as time."

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Walnut Street Theatre continues its 215th season with the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast.

"The music is so good," says Daniel Wisniewski, who plays the Beast. "And the dancing and the spectacle."

"People are going to be warmed by the heart of it," says director Glenn Casale.

"It's the story we all know and love," says Julia Udine, who plays Belle in the show.

We meet Belle in the French countryside.

"She doesn't quite fit in in her town," says Udine. "She's a bit of a bookworm."

That doesn't stop Gaston from trying to get her attention, but Udine says Belle's not afraid to turn him down.

Belle then encounters the Beast, who's actually a spoiled prince under a spell.

"This woman came to the castle and asked for some help and he said, 'no,'" says Casale.

"Just because of her haggard, ugly appearance," says Wisniewski.

"She was a sorcerer and turns him into a Beast," says Casale.

"And he is cursed to remain in that form until he learns to love another and have them love him in return," says Wisniewski. "Who could ever love a Beast?"

There are all the classic songs from the film, as well as some extras, like If I Can't Love Her.

When the Beast imprisons Belle in the castle, she befriends others trapped there with her.

"Cogsworth and Lumiere, they bring all of the comedic relief to the show," says Udine. "Mrs. Potts, Chip - it's sort of the family that she didn't have in her town."

The Beast begins to change, and so does Belle.

"He needs to learn to love himself in order to actually let love in," says Wisniewski.

"It's a show about being kind to one another," says Udine. "Not judging a book by its cover."

Disney Beauty and the Beast runs through December 31 at the Walnut Street Theatre.

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