GOP candidate John Kasich campaigns in Media

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John Kasich stops in Media, Pa. (WPVI)

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is hoping to make up some ground in the polls with several events in our area Thursday.

Ohio's governor trudges on like the proverbial happy warrior even though it's now mathematically impossible for him to win the GOP nomination outright.

He's hanging on in the narrowing hope of many party bosses that they can deny Donald Trump the nomination on the first convention ballot and eventually get the delegates to swing to him.

"There's been a falling off of spirit and confidence in ourselves. I believe that all of us are made special and all of us have a purpose. Our job here is to use those special gifts we've been given to help fix our world," Kasich said during a town hall in Media, Delaware County.

Kasich has plenty of strong conservative credentials, but he shows moderate in this three men duel with fire breathers Trump and Cruz.

"If we're going to revive and save our country from any of the concerns we have, we'll call on the politicians to do their job, but we also have to rely on all of us. Maybe part of the reason why we're cynical or discouraged is because we've had politicians promise us all this and then they don't deliver," Kasich said.

Texas senator Ted Cruz, Trump's strongest rival, at this point, says John Kasich is a "spoiler," blocking his ability to go one-on-one with Trump in the rest of the primary season.

Kasich specializes in this relatively small town hall format with virtually all white audiences.

Kasich continues to talk about an open GOP convention in July and says he is not getting out of this race.

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