Hundreds 'Stand Against Hate' at Philadelphia rally

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Hundreds joined a 'Stand Against Hate' rally in Philadelphia. (WPVI)

Hundreds stood against hate during an interfaith rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia Thursday afternoon.

They were of different religions, races, and backgrounds, but the message was one united voice shouting - we stand against hate.

"These terroristic threats were designed to divide us, but what I have seen is that it has united us in a meaningful and purposeful way," Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

The rally on Independence Mall was an interfaith movement, led by the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia. The call to action for the area to unite is a direct response to the recent hate crimes against the Jewish community.

State leaders made a promise that police are working to catch those responsible.

"They are working tirelessly to bring those to justice who have in a cowardice and anonymous way phone in those threats or knocked over those tombstones. They will be brought to justice," Shapiro said.

Hundreds of headstones at the Mt. Carmel Jewish Cemetery in Wissinoming were toppled over this past weekend. There is now a $69,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Police also say there have been bomb threats to Jewish community centers in New Jersey and Delaware.

"I went to Washington for the Women's March, there are many issues, but this is unconscionable," Jane Beier of Fort Washington said.

"All language should be loving, forgiving, positive, merciful, take the positive approach with everybody," Ed O'Donnell of Center City said.

Those who showed up to the Stand Against Hate Rally say it is more than just a gathering, but a movement and message to those spreading hate, that their tactics will not win and will not divide the community.

"We have to stand together and respond and when we do it together we can help to make America greater. So let us all do what we can," Imam Anwar Muhaimin said.

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