Jury finds Don Tollefson guilty in fraud trial

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Don Tollefson was found guilty. (WPVI)

After nearly nine hours of deliberations, a Bucks County jury has found former Philadelphia sportscaster Don Tollefson guilty in his fraud trial.

A gaunt, handcuffed Tollefson was escorted to jail Wednesday afternoon after being convicted on five counts of theft and other related charges.

"The jury has spoken and I believe in our legal system," Tollefson said.

"I think he's a narcissist, he has a God complex, and he clearly loves himself more than anything in the world," Bucks County Assistant District Attorney Matt Weintraub said.

Prosecutors say Tollefson bilked roughly 200 people out of $340,000 worth of bogus sports and travel packages in the name of charity, but used that money to support his family and a drug and alcohol habit.

Tollefson acted as his own attorney during the trial.

He contended that he's simply a bad bookkeeper and didn't realize there was a problem until he ran out of money in 2012.

For his victims, including the family of killed Plymouth Police Officer Brad Fox, the verdict is a relief, but also bittersweet.

"There are really are no winners here. We don't get any money for the foundation. People who bought packages don't get to go on their vacations and Mr. Tollefson is going somewhere that is not a winning scenario for him," Darren Meehan, the spokesperson for the Fox family, said.

"We've exposed him for what he is, a liar and a thief, and he got what he deserved," victim Cindy Moffitt said.

Prosecutors had offered Tollefson a plea deal - basically, a 2 year sentence with a little more than 6 months behind bars.

Tollefson accepted it, then rejected it.

Now the once iconic city sportscaster known as 'Tolly,' is broke and facing up to 30 years behind bars.

"I'll continue to work to be sober and a better person in anyway I can wherever I am," Tollefson said.

Tollefson claims his money troubles began after losing radio and TV jobs, including with the Eagles.

A sentencing date has not been scheduled, but the judge says it will happen within 30 days.
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