Many in Philadelphia ignoring stay at home order amid coronavirus outbreak

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A stay at home order remains in place for Philadelphia, but Action News found plenty of people ignoring that order on Friday.

Kelly Drive was crowded with people running and walking during the afternoon, while a large group could be seen congregating in Eakins Oval late at night.

We showed our video to Dr. Tony Reed, the chief medical officer at Temple University Hospital.

In an interview conducted over FaceTime, Reed said he knows people want fresh air, but should think twice about going out.

"Imagine a runner coming along, turning sideways and coughing, and you're running along right behind them and run through the vapor cloud from their cough," he said.

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At Clark Park in West Philadelphia, there were crowded games of chess. We saw three different games played with different people, and the pieces were never cleaned in between.

We also saw pick up basketball games at Hunting and Wissinoming parks.

"Any one of those people out there playing basketball could have been infected two days ago, three days ago, four days ago, and just aren't showing symptoms yet but are spreading the virus," Reed said.

In his opinion, we're just at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak here.

"We know this is why we are in health care. This is why we train. This is what we get up in the morning to do. It's to help our fellow citizens in our greatest time of need," he said.

But it's not just in the city that directives are being ignored. In Ocean City, New Jersey, the boardwalk and beaches are closed but people were still using them.

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Dr. Reed says health care workers need cooperation as they prepare for their biggest challenge yet.

"It's like watching a storm come across a big empty field and you know it's coming to you," he said.

In Philadelphia, if you see a gathering, you are urged to call 311.
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