Angel's Awesome Books uses augmented reality to help children with autism, speech delays learn

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A local woman is bringing books to life using augmented reality to help children with speech delays and autism learn.

Angelique Marshall is the author of "Angels Awesome Alphabet Book."

The special thing about this book is that it's interactive and utilizes augmented reality technology.

Getting started is as simple as downloading an app called "Angel's AR Book," which Angelique has developed. Next, use the app to scan pages in the book and it comes to life.

"It brings the images out and it actually teaches them how to pronounce the letters," said Marshall.

The app is designed to help the reader sound out the alphabet and pronounce each letter using rhymes.

Marshall says she was inspired to create the book because she works with kids with speech delays and she hopes to release more just like it.

Her nephew created the art for the book and Marshall narrated it herself.

"Children love computers. They love iPads and phones, but I also wanted to stick with books. I wanted to actually have something a child could flip through" she said.

The app is only available for Apple devices right now, but Marshall says the Android app is in the works.

"To get that feedback like, this is really teaching my child - that's what I love to hear" said Marshall.

To purchase "Angel's Awesome Alphabet Book," CLICK HERE.
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