April Fools' Day: Karen Rogers brings in "donuts" for Action News Morning Team

Karen Rogers is not one to forget a holiday.

So she wouldn't let "Give Your Friend a Donut Day" pass by without giving her besties on the Action News Morning Team a sweet treat.

"Don't say I never gave you anything," Karen said as she handed Matt O'Donnell, Tamala Edwards, and David Murphy a Dunkin' box at the anchor desk on Monday morning.

Before opening the box, Matt had to point out Karen's generosity.

"You're so kind," Matt said.

"I am kind," Karen humbly agreed.

But once the box was opened - the truth was revealed.

It wasn't "Give Your Friend a Donut Day" after all! It was, in fact, April Fools' Day!

And inside the box of donuts weren't sweet treats - but vegetables.

Karen admitted she was going to bring in a box of real donuts for her friends to enjoy after the prank, but her family ate them all the night before.

National Donut Day is June 7, by the way.
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