UDel student struck by lightning back at work

RISING SUN, MD - July 31, 2013

The 19-year-old intern at Plumpton Park Zoo in Maryland was going about her day last month when all of sudden everything went dark. She'd been struck by lightning.

But now she's back on the job and talking about the frightening ordeal.

"I just always had this feeling that I was going to get struck," Haley Embleton said.

Embleton says she's had that fear for as long as she can remember and on June 13th her fear came true.

She was hit by lightning but amazingly she laughs at the experience.

"I don't remember anything of it so you might as well have a sense of humor about it," Embleton said.

Embleton has been working as an intern at Plumpton Park Zoo over the summer.

That day she was feeding some animals when a storm blew through the area.

She went under a tree for shelter, and that's when she was hit and knocked unconscious.

Two zoo workers performed CPR on Embleton, but she went into cardiac arrest twice.

She was in a coma for several days, and when she woke up all she had was some short term memory loss.

"It was just such a sense of relief that she came through it and yes she's going to be alright," Michelle Elliot of the Plumpton Park Zoo said.

Now on the mend, Embleton wears a lightning bolt necklace and earrings as reminders she's lucky to be alive.

"It shows that I'm supposed to be here," Embleton said.

She is back to work at the zoo and plans to resume college at the University of Delaware this fall.

And in her light heartedness she's embracing her new nickname of Sparky.

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