Remote-controlled helicopter kills its operator in New York City park

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - September 5, 2013

19-year-old Roman Pirozek of Queens was flying the helicopter in a park in Brooklyn.

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The remote-controlled helicopter enthusiast apparently lost control and the helicopter fell. The rotor blade struck him in the head as it was spinning.

Witnesses say the helicopter may have 'boomeranged' back towards him.

Pirozek was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.

Enthusiasts are allowed to operate model aircraft in designated parts of Calvert Vaux Park, which features a playground, basketball courts and baseball diamonds.

Pirozek's father is the vice president of the Seaview Rotary Wings Helicopter Club, which organizes flights in the park. He hasn't responded to requests for comment.

A spokesman for the Muncie, Ind.-based Academy of Model Aeronautics says he believes Pirozek's death is only the second death caused by a remote control helicopter in the United States.

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