Mrs. Fixit:Garden Penny Ball

September 14, 2013

All you need are pennies, some waterproof adhesive and an old bowling ball!

Check thrift stores and local bowling alleys… sometimes they throw out pitted balls…and they would probably be willing to give you one or two!

Regarding the pennies…you'll need about a hundred or so…

Your adhesive needs to be heavy duty … a marine formula adheasive works great because it's uv resistant and waterproof…

Then just start gluing the pennies to the bowling ball…

As you're doing that make sure that all your pennies are dated prior to 1983.

After that date…pennies were no longer mostly copper ….the U.S. started making them with 97 percent zinc…and less than 3 percent copper…and the high zinc content isn't good for your garden.

The copper will serve double duty helping to repel slugs and will make you're garden hydrangeas blue!

Once you have the whole ball covered…let it dry completely….

Make sure that you use a clear drying adhsive a great way to add a little interest to your garden…for literally pennies!!! …I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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