Facebook postings provide clues to killing

MIAMI (AP) - October 2, 2013

Jennifer Alonso, 26, wrote to a friend on Facebook that her husband had overslept and missed a date night with her the evening before the Aug. 8 shooting. She thanked her friend for helping her calm down.

"I felt like ripping his face off an hour ago," Alfonso told the friend shortly before the shooting, according to the documents.

Alonso wrote to her friend that 31-year-old Derek Medina hurled expletives at her, and that she felt like she wanted to leave the relationship, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday. The last exchange between the two women was at 10:14.

Authorities say shortly after 10 a.m., Medina, a security guard, fired six rounds into Alonso with his pistol in the kitchen of their townhome. Then, he posted a photo of her body on Facebook, writing "you'll see me in the news" before turning himself in to police. Alonso's 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship was upstairs.

The photos were viewed thousands of times before the images were removed.

Medina pleaded not guilty and is tentatively scheduled for trial Nov. 4. Police say he told investigators he shot Alfonso after she punched and kicked him and threatened to leave him.

Last month, investigators released surveillance footage from the couple's home that showed Medina calmly exiting the home after his wife's killing.

Alonso's friend alerted authorities to the Facebook exchanges a week after the killing.

In another one of the messages, Alonso complains that her husband didn't wake up to watch a movie with her and that she believes it was because he was sleeping.

".... I feel like I'm begging for him to hang out with us," she wrote.

After saying she wasn't sure if Medina had left their home, Alfonso wrote to her friend, "He just woke up. He came in the room, and then he walked out. Didn't say anything. . I need to calm down because I feel like I'm about to explode."

Alonso and Medina married in January of 2010, divorced two years later and then remarried a few months after that.

Authorities earlier released diary entries from Alfonso's journal, which she titled "The mind of an insane women." The entries detailed the couple's tumultuous marriage.

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