Source: Possible meth lab at Days Inn Hotel in Horsham

HORSHAM TWP., Pa. - April 4, 2014

The hotel is located at 245 Easton Road in Horsham Township.

According to sources, Horsham police responded to the Days Inn to serve an arrest warrant. Police went to a third floor room, knocked on the door and announced their presence. No one answered the door but they heard commotion inside the room.

When officers gained entry to the room they saw a man, identified as 30-year-old Gary Long, jump out of the third floor window onto a pile of mulch below. He then fled on foot, shirtless, from the scene.

Police say Long has multiple tattoos on his body, and they believe he may have had someone in the room with him - possibly a female companion.

Mustafa Elias was staying on the same floor when it all went down.

He explains, "There were two guys in the room, probably, or more because [police] were saying to the other guys, 'If you don't open the door, you'll go to jail too.'"

Inside the room, police discovered unlabeled bottles containing chemicals, which they say are consistent with what is used to mobile meth labs.

People inside the hotel were evacuated while officials investigated the chemicals. However, it was soon determined that the materials were not combustible in their current state. Guests and employees were then allowed back into the hotel.

Hazmat and chemical experts responded to the scene to determine how to handle the chemicals. Residents will remain evacuated until this is determined.

The search is still ongoing for the suspect.

Police have not disclosed details pertaining to the nature of the warrant they were serving.

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