Banana Mousse, Caphe Roasters and Coco's Cookies and Creamery serving icy treats all year round

ByTimothy Walton WPVI logo
Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Round up of ice cream options featuring cool treats year-round
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Banana Mousse, Caphe Roasters and Coco's Cookies and Creamery are 3 great Philadelphia spots for ice cream anytime.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Ice cream is always a great summer treat. But there are plenty of spots around town that feature sweet treats, sundaes and shakes all year round.

Coco's Cookies and Creamery is run by brothers Teddy and Sav Bouikidis.

They describe the spot as a mix between carnival and creamery.

The Coco Crush blends ice cream and a pick of two ingredients swirled together. They offer fried Oreos, funnel cake and milkshakes.

And every day, the Coco's team bakes a fresh slate of eight different flavors of cookies which are served warm at the window.

Thu Pham started Caphe Roasters specializing in Vietnamese coffee but when she opened her Kensington cafe in October 2021 ice cream quickly became a menu staple.

The pandan flavor was created in-house and it's the primary ingredient in the Pandan Che Parfait.

They also mix ice cream with black tea and espresso, creating sweet and creamy versions of signature drinks.

Banana Mousse is run by the mother-daughter duo of Shawna and Shadeerah Goodman.

The mousse recipe was created by Shawna and shared with Shadeerah when the daughter realized she didn't want to attend college but rather engage her entrepreneurial instincts.

They serve five flavors of mousse using homemade ingredients like sweet potato pie and butter cake.

They also make decadent milkshakes featuring the mousse flavors and more.

Coco's Cookies and Creamery | Instagram

3632 Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2341

Caphe Roasters | Facebook | Instagram

3400 J Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Banana Mousse | Facebook | Instagram

5602 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139