App eliminates the hassle for beach-goers in Ocean City

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Monday, July 6, 2015
VIDEO: App eliminates the hassle for beach-goers in Ocean City
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Many beach-goers in Ocean City can relax with the hassle of carrying chairs, coolers and umbrellas - thanks to a new app.

OCEAN CITY, N.J. (WPVI) -- For so many people, the Jersey Shore is a perfect getaway.

It's a sandy, summer reprieve from the everyday grind - but there's just one little problem.

"When you have three children and you have to hold hands and cross streets and carry bags and umbrellas and so on, it's hectic," said Meghan Peterson.

The Peterson Family from Aston, Delaware County hopes their trip to the beach in Ocean City will be less hectic with the help of a new app called 'Beach Caddy.'

"You can essentially go into the app, and click on a green flag, which is one of our caddies walking around on the New Jersey beaches, and book them," said Todd Serpico, Beach Caddy.

Company owners say the caddies come to your house, load up your belongings and take it all down to the beach for you.

"It saves sanity, it saves time, it saves the fun of the day, really. There's no arguments. They come, they pack up our stuff and we go," said Stephen Peterson.

When you arrive, your caddy will set up your chairs and umbrellas.

You can even summon a beach caddy for your walk home - and that's not all they do.

"They should have a general knowledge of the tide schedule for the day and some events in the city. So sometimes it's kind of like a little tour guide for your time on vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey," said Serpico.

The cost is $10 per one-way trip plus the option to tip.

All payments are done through the app, which launched Memorial Day weekend.

"We've had several customers say 'I feel like a princess. This has taken the stress off my vacation,'" said Laura Yeakel, Beach Caddy.

As for the Petersons, they're spending more time splashing around and less time setting up.

"If we can get someone else to help us so we can walk calmly down to the beach to have a good day - it's brilliant," said Meghan.