Viral Facebook post brings new batch of customers to longtime chocolate shop

"For Valentines, or any time, support this family institution," Steve Colsher urged in his post.
LANSDALE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Montgomery County man's sweet Facebook post, calling on the community to support a chocolate shop in Lansdale, went viral.

That love went a long way for Bergin's Chocolates, a local business that has been around for 87 years.

It's an unassuming little shop on Morris Road, one that people often pass by.

Recently, a man named Steve Colsher went inside for the first time, and he posted about his experience on Facebook.

He said just being in there took him back in time and that the idea of losing a long-standing business made him sad.

"For Valentines, or any time, support this family institution," he urged in his post.

Colsher's post went viral, and people started showing up in droves for the small-batch, homemade chocolates.

"Ordinarily, January is probably our slowest month of the year, and this just went crazy," says co-owner Michael Snyder. "Between the online ordering and people coming in, it was truly amazing."

Snyder is a grandson of the original chocolatier, and he runs the shop with another grandson, Joseph Bergin.

"It makes my heart melt that people care," Bergin says. "When you have a small business like this, and you depend on the public for your livelihood, it's just overwhelming. People really do care that much."

Steve Colsher is very humble about his involvement. The truth is, his post did introduce a new batch of customers to Bergin's, with one single post.

"I believe in one small good deed to anybody, any time, any day," Colsher says. "You never know how it can affect them. If we all do that, we'll be in a better place."

Each chocolate there is marked by hand, in the original kettles and equipment, and the same way it has been since 1935.
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