Actor and author creates new social media platform to reduce stress, anxiety

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A former basketball star, best-selling author and Hollywood actor is now turning his attention to revolutionizing social media. The idea? To take the stress away and help users, especially younger ones, navigate it in a healthy way.

Blondy Baruti starred in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" and other ABC shows.

He's also the author of his own memoir called "The Incredible True Story of Blondy Baruti: My Unlikely Journey from the Congo to Hollywood."

It's his survival tale of escaping a war-torn jungle against the odds.

Now, he's taking on social media with a brand new platform he designed called BePerk.

"I believe we're living in a world where we have less control of our lives and less control over our social media," Baruti says. "Social media is bringing a lot of depression, anxiety and a lot of judging. The upcoming generation is basing their lives on how they look on social media."

Baruti wanted to create a safe space where bullying and negativity have no place.

You can control what you see and what is seen, giving power back to the user.

"Let the users make a decision and decide how they want to be viewed through social media and how long someone is allowed to view their content," Baruti says.

"I believe that way we will be able to at least minimize and make the app extremely fun while also protecting the privacy of the users."

He knows so many people are navigating social media, so he wants to make it as positive and supportive as possible.

Baruti is also working on bringing the story of his life, his triumphs and successes to the big screen.
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