Avoiding new scams related to the coronavirus outbreak

Authorities are warning about a growing number of new scams related to the coronavirus. Last week, we warned you about coronavirus-related phishing scams and bogus vaccines and medicines. Now we are hearing about new frauds and you need to be really careful.

Moorestown police is warning about a scam being reported on Facebook of scammers going door to door claiming to be from the CDC or another federal or health agency. The Centers for Disease Control is not deploying teams of people to go door to door to conduct surveillance so do not open the door to these impostors.

"We have received 50 emails from the public," said Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Shapiro has set up a special email for price gouging complaints and said reports of price gouging are coming in especially related to hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes.

"We are preparing subpoenas and cease and desist orders which will go out later today or first thing in the morning," he said. "I will not tolerate any merchant, taking advantage of Pennsylvania during a health situation like we are experiencing here."

And a reminder that fraudsters could also try to impersonate health officials through social media, emails, texts, or websites.

"If you feel as though you want to report that to us and we hope you would feel free to forward that email to us let us know what website you're referring to.," he said.

The FDA and the FTC are also warning of seven companies selling fraudulent products that claim to treat or prevent COVID-19.

"And if you fall victim to that scam, unfortunately, contact us right away and we'll work to get you your money back," said Shapiro.
To avoid scams do not click on links from a source you don't know and visit websites by inputting the domain name yourself.


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