Code Blue issued for several New Jersey

MOUNT HOLLY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Several counties in New Jersey have declared a Code Blue for Wednesday night because of the cold conditions in the forecast.

People who work outside are getting ready for a long winter season ahead.

"In the sun it's all right. When the sun is not out it gets cold. Of course, the wind is definitely the worst thing you want to deal with. Especially on ladders and roofs and stuff like that," said Joe Jones of R. Fitgerald Seamless Gutters, installing a gutter on a home in Mount Holly.

The crew says when the wind really picks up, they reschedule for safety reasons. But in this? They bundle up.

We found another outdoor job in Mount Holly, utility workers up high, prepared with gloves.

With wind chills in the teens and 20s folks in New Jersey layered up and went about their day. From the postal worker:

"I have about seven layers of clothing on. Layers, layers," said Monique Cummings, a postal carrier for the U.S. Postal Service.

"It was like 13 degrees this morning when I came. And I'm like a little layered under here," said gas attendant C.J. Tunstall, preparing himself for winter. "It's going to get colder and it's going to be like this every day."

The line for filling up tires at the gas station in Lumberton was several cars deep. One strategy for staying warm that we heard several times?

"I stay in the house. Most of the time. Unless I have to go out," said Liana Nichols of Mount Holly, N.J.

Burlington County is under a Code Blue from 8:00 p.m. Wednesday until 7:00 a.m. Thursday. Several other NJ counties are in Code Blue as well, meaning extra shelters or warming centers are open.
Anyone who needs shelter can call their county office:

In Burlington County, call 1-856-764-6945 ext 6128 or ext 6122.

In Camden County, call 800-331-7272.

In Gloucester County, call the homeless hotline: 800-648-0132

A list of N.J. warming centers can be found here.
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