Political feud in Colwyn Borough continues

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Monday, April 13, 2015
VIDEO: Political feud in Colwyn continues
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The political dysfunction in Colwyn, Delaware County continues.

COLWYN, Pa. (WPVI) -- The political dysfunction in Colwyn, Delaware County continues.

On Friday, it was embattled, possibly fired borough manager Paula Brown speaking out after she locked herself in her office for nearly 24 hours.

On Saturday, it was her ally Mayor Michael Blue claiming that borough bills won't be paid if Brown is dismissed, leaving police unable to fill up their cruisers with gas.

And Sunday, it was Council President Fred Lesher's turn.

"The gasoline thing isn't the problem, the problems is politics," said Lesher.

Although he gave the police department money out of his own pocket to fill up their cruisers, Councilman Lesher provided documents to show that Colwyn has the money.

He says revenge by former borough employees has led to vendors suspending borough accounts and this latest mess will be addressed during an executive session on Monday.

"It's going to be civil meeting because I'm not going to put up with any screaming and hollering. It will be civil - everyone will have their say," said Lesher.

The mayor says it's true - the cash is there but he claims the accounts have been frozen because of the borough's instability.

Brown's name is or was on those accounts.

"They're not thinking about the borough, they're thinking about money. If they were thinking about the borough, they would have never made this decision," said Mayor Michael Blue.

Brown has alleged the misuse of more than $1 million by council and she says she locked herself in her office to protect financial records. It's a tactic she also pulled in 2004 as mayor of Darby Borough.

The borough manager of Colwyn, Pa. locked herself inside the borough hall after a vote on Thursday night to fire her.

This latest controversy comes in the midst of ongoing investigations into Colwyn by the Delaware County District Attorney's office.

"They need to really step it up. I mean they do a good job but they need to step it up. What's going on here is not politics as usual, it's anarchy," said Councilman Jesse Brundage.

A closed door council meeting is scheduled for Monday at 6:00 p.m.

Action News spoke with Brown by phone and she says she plans to arrive at borough hall early to pack up her things, just in case.