Crab Cheesecake is Fin Surf and Turf's unique but delicious dish

PHILADELPHIA -- It's not very often you see the words 'crab and 'cheesecake together on a menu.

But the folks at The Fin Surf and Turf in Philadelphia are combining the unlikely pair for a truly unique dessert.

"The cheesecake hits your tongue first and its sweet and savory, and then on the backside you get crab and it's like, wow." says General Manager Jeffrey Schroth.

Executive Chef Valentin Bay says, "I was opposed to it at first because it shouldn't exist, technically. We tried a few recipes and it worked out fine."

Located in the Fishtown, the restaurant says they're 'bringing the fish back to Fishtown with their menu.

A crowd favorite includes their three-pound seafood boil, where guests can order three pounds of seafood, pick their spice level, and flavor.

The Fin also boasts another unique item; an absolutely enormous television!

At 8 feet high and 25-feet wide, it's believed to be one of the biggest TVs in Philadelphia!

So, you can enjoy your crab cheesecake while watching the game on the big screen.