Local university cancels more than $730,000 in debt for struggling students

DOVER, Delaware (WPVI) -- Knowing how incredibly hard the COVID-19 pandemic has been on its students, Delaware State University officials gave over 200 of them a gift for their future: debt relief.

The school announced Wednesday that it's canceling more than $730,000 in debt for recent graduates who are faced with financial hardship.

"We got money from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan, and there's a number of things that we can do with that money as it relates to COVID-19," said Carlos Holmes, a spokesperson for Delaware State University. "This is one thing we've decided to do with this money, to help our students and help defray the costs that they're leaving here with."

For many, this money made the difference between being able to graduate.

"This resolved some financial debt problems for a lot of students that were able to walk across the stage last Friday or Saturday and have a sense that they have completed this chapter of their academic journey," Holmes said.

A total of 223 students each received about $3,300.

Delaware State University says it's the least they could do in this uncertain time.
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