Easter preparations underway in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- There are telltale signs of Easter at Weinrichs Bakery in Newtown Square.

"Of course we have our lamb cakes. We have Easter egg cakes, bunny cakes," said Cynthia Weinrich.

The business is a family bakery and opened the Newtown Square location in 1961.

They've seen a lot of Easters, and now they're heading into their second Easter in this pandemic.

"It's a little different, maybe not as crazy different," Weinrich said.

Weinrich said they've noticed an uptick from last year as customers have prepared their tables.

"Last year was more just family. This year we're noticing a little larger in size of cakes and order sizes," Weinrich said.

Around the corner at Gentile's Market, the Easter hustle and bustle is upon them.

Gentile's is another family-owned and operated business. They opened in 1950, and now, they have their third generation coming up.

"Pandemic saw a little bit of craziness on the retail end, and a lot of slowness on the wholesale end. Things are starting to turn around a little bit," said produce buyer Francis Gentile.

For Easter, green beans and asparagus are some of the popular vegetables but don't forget the cakes and bright spring flowers.

For some customers, holiday plans are modified, but vaccinations have made some visits possible.

"I'm celebrating with family quietly, and most of us have at least one vaccine," said Barbara Strawley, of Paoli.

Jen Domershank of Media is a nurse and plans to visit her parents and grandmother, all of whom are vaccinated.

Still, there are changes.

"A little bit different this year because we're going to do virtual church, but the kids are still going to get dressed up," said Domershank.
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