Flakely pop-up brings gluten-free croissants, bread and more to Narberth

NARBERTH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Downtown Narberth has a new summer pop-up shop that's filled with French pastries and artisan breads -- all made gluten-free.

Flakely serves up a host of baked products such as pizza dough, croissants, brioche buns and breads, and they're all gluten-free.

The items are the product of pastry chef Lila Colello, who was diagnosed with celiac.

Colello used to work for Wolfgang Puck, the Ritz Carlton and the Food Network, but when she could no longer eat wheat flour, she also stopped using it in her recipes.

So she designed gluten-free recipes of everything she was missing.

High-end Pop-Tarts are her newest creation, and throughout the summer she's collaborating with local ice cream maker Milk Jawn to create pop tart ice cream sandwiches.

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121 North Narberth Avenue, Narberth, Pa
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