Protect your pets: Foxes spotted in Philadelphia, Upper Darby neighborhoods

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Several people have reported seeing foxes near their Philadelphia or Upper Darby homes in recent months.

Sharon Johnston, of Upper Darby, said up until the middle of last December she had three pet ducks. Now, she has one.

"There was footprints on the ice and there was feathers laying in the woods," Johnson said.

People who live in the areas surrounding the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum have certainly had their share.

Wildlife experts say part of the reason is the increased availability of food which, for a fox, can include small pets and chickens are becoming increasingly popular for people who enjoy harvesting the eggs.

Prospect Park Police Sergeant Henry O'Neill says his department has been receiving calls from neighbors about foxes approaching their pets.

"Lately there's been an issue with their dogs out. Obviously, maintain your animals, take care of your animals, make sure they are in your view," he said.

O'Neill also says fox attacks against humans are very unusual. The concern is mainly for puppies, kittens, chickens, or other small animals.

The only time you should call 911 regarding foxes is if the animal looks sick or acting aggressively.
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