Secret good Samaritan surprises firefighters by paying for grocery bill

Thursday, February 9, 2017
Good Samaritan buys groceries for firefighters
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The fridge is full at the fire station.

APEX, North Carolina -- A group of firefighters in North Carolina are sending out a big thank you after a good Samaritan took care of their grocery bill for them.

The firefighters at Apex Station 2 didn't see who did it, but they want them to know how much it meant to them.

A Walmart receipt with a handwritten note saying "Thank you for all you do," is one of the only clues the firefighters have about who paid for their groceries Sunday, when they got an emergency call and had to leave everything behind.

"The nice employees at Walmart told us that it was a lady behind us in line," Station 2 Engineer Jeffery Jones said. "But we never did actually get to meet her and tell her, thank you."

The groceries were already purchased and waiting for them when they returned after the call, and they said that means a lot to them -- especially when they spend every moment of the day getting ready for the next emergency.

"Making sure our gear is ready, making sure the truck is completely in service," Jones said.

When asked how big of a difference can a few minutes make when it comes to their response time, firefighter Andrew Baker said. "It can sometimes mean life and death."

By the time they get the call, to the time they're on the road, the station strives to spend no more than 90 seconds to get going.

"It's important to us," Baker said. "We take a lot of pride in trying to get out."

Now they want the mystery shopper to know she's always welcomed at Station 2.

"We would like to tell her thank you from the bottom of our hearts," Jones said.

"It makes me feel like there are still good people in the world," Baker said. "You don't get that every day, so to me it gives you a warm feeling inside to know that people really do care about you."