Home for the holiday: Travelers in Philadelphia area make last-minute trips

While airlines canceled more than 300 flights because of the omicron variant impact on crews, the impact was minimal in Philly.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The mad dash to make it home for the holiday is underway.

At Philadelphia International Airport, terminals ebbed and flowed with crowds.

Some were fleeing the cooler climate for a warmer, magical Christmas.

"We're just planning on going to Disney. We're going to be there until a little bit before New Year's," said Mariah Jackson.

The Jackson family from New Jersey was feeling confident in their flight and COVID precautions.

"Both of my kids are vaccinated, we're both vaccinated and boosted, wear masks, we're all ready to go," Jackson said.

While airlines canceled more than 300 flights because of the omicron variant impact on crews, flights at PHL saw next to no delays.

Still, scores to travelers clearly carried concerns about the virus, which was made evident by those who paid for COVID testing at the airport.

"It was long, it was a long wait, but it was fine," said Vikki Oaton.

For Oaton, it was less about peace of mind but a necessity to get home.

"No, I needed it. It's a requirement to get into the UK," she said. "All good it was negative."

Despite the headlines, woes over flight cancelations related to the virus, and the urgent pleas from health experts, there are some who choose to travel without taking precautions

"No concerns, no extra precaution, traveling with my son we are not vaccinated not worried about it, natural immunity, we've had COVID-19 and we have natural immunity, now so we're not worried about it," said parent Steve Ammon.

Other travel on the eve of the holiday also saw some weighing their options based on COVID restrictions.

"My family is very coherent about this virus, they're scared, they're scared and I try not to offer my opinion because I respect them and I love them," said Joey McGee.

Others, not taking any risks.

"I'm vaccinated and boosted, everyone I'm going to see is vaccinated and boosted," said traveler Lauren Salemi.

United and Delta airlines have issued apologies for inconveniences cancellations may have caused.

One airline lobby is calling on CDC to shorten quarantine time for vaccinated workers.
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