Is Jay Wright the greatest coach In Philadelphia sports history?

We review his case for Philly's top coach with Nova set for the Final Four.
VILLANOVA, Pa. (WPVI) -- As I stand here on the Villanova Campus, shortly after the Wildcats left for the Final Four for the third time in seven seasons a thought crossed my mind.

Is Jay Wright, the GREATEST coach in Philadelphia sports history?

Should the Wildcats beat Kansas on Saturday, then win in the Championship game, we'd be talking about a run that hasn't really been seen in college basketball since John Wooden's UCLA days.

It's already a huge accomplishment that this small school on the Main Line is being mentioned among the Blue Bloods they'll join at the Final Four: Duke, North Carolina and Kansas.

This is Mike Kryzyzeski's final Final 4.

Once he's gone, the only active coaches with multiple titles will be Wright.

Even if he doesn't win this year, Wright might already be the new King.

He's already in the Hall of Fame.

He's been courted by several NBA teams and bigger schools.

But he chooses to stay here, because he's Philly through and through.

So where does Wright rank?

Connie Mack? His longevity won't ever be equaled, but his overall record was below .500

Fred Shero? What he did was remarkable.

You can make an argument either way. But Jay is finding this success at a small school, in an era when players are mostly one and done in the NCAA.

Another title could seal the deal for Wright in Philly.

He's doing it with guys who aren't necessarily McDonalds All Americans, but he gets them to buy in, to stay and to win.

He also leads them to the NBA.
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