NFL DRAFT: Corey Clement fighting for former Glassboro High School teammate Juwan Johnson

GLASSBORO, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Corey Clement is fighting for his former Glassboro High School teammate, Juwan Johnson.

Johnson, a tall 6-foot-4-inch, 231-pound wide receiver, who played his college ball at Penn State and Oregon, is projected as a 7th rounder.

Three years after getting passed over in the NFL Draft, the now free agent running back is giving advice to Johnson to be patient.

Johnson tells Jeff Skversky in a FaceTime interview, "That gives me a path to follow. If I don't get drafted, that's not the point. A lot of people in the NFL are not drafted and do big things."

Clement, who knows that first hand, tells Skversky, "I know the position he's in. I know he's being overlooked and being from Glassboro New Jersey, being a transfer from Penn State."

Johnson had a front-row seat to witness what Clement went through in 2017. He was at his draft party and watched one of his closest friends go undrafted.

He saw the disappointment but he also saw how it added fuel to the fire and he was inspired.

"He was obviously a little frustrated he wasn't drafted. But that left a chip on his shoulder. That's something we all carry coming out of Glassboro being from a small school. A lot of people don't respect us as much as you anticipate, so always a chip on our shoulder," Johnson says.

Clement, of course, went on to become an Eagles Super Bowl hero as a rookie as the only undrafted rookie in NFL history with 100 receiving yards and 1 receiving TD in the Super Bowl.

A valuable lesson Johnson will always remember as he now hopes to catch onto a team in the draft or as an undrafted free agent.

"I'm very excited to go to my next city and put on a show," Johnson says after training in California.

Clement says among the advice he has given Johnson, "Act like you're a first rounder."

Johnson hopes to follow in Clement's footsteps. He's even talked to the Eagles who need receivers.

Johnson spent four years at Penn State before spending his final season at Oregon where he scored four touchdowns this past season and made a big catch to help Oregon win the Rose Bowl.

ESPN Ranks Johnson as 32nd best WR who needs to be more consistent with his hands, something he struggled with at Penn State.
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