Sister Jean turns 100! Loyola University celebrates beloved nun's birthday

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Sister Jean turns 100! Loyola University celebrates beloved nun's birthday
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Sister Jean turns 100! Loyola University celebrates beloved nun's birthday. Sarah Bloomquist reports during Action News at 5 p.m. on August 21, 2019.

CHICAGO, Illinois -- Sister Jean is approaching a major milestone! The beloved nun from Loyola University turns 100 Wednesday.



So far, Sister Jean's life has been about her love of faith, education, and of course basketball. Her dedication to all three has made her a strong force on Loyola University's campus.

As she is about to hit the century mark, she shared her secret to longevity Tuesday night.

"Get up in the morning, be happy. You have to be happy; you have to convey happiness and you have to show people you, yourself are happy to make other people happy," Sister Jean said.

A century later, Sister Jean still recalls lessons from her childhood that helped build the person she is.

"My parents told us we always have to appreciate what other people do for us too and how people influence us in our lives," Sister Jean said.

WATCH: Sister Jean honored for her 100th birthday with LEGO statue

Sister Jean Celebrates 100th Birthday with LEGO Likeness

Ever since the Rambler's Final Four Run, Sister Jean has been on a run of her own, from her Hall of Fame Bobble head, to her LEGO statue, to celebrating her 100th birthday.

To mark the birthday milestone, Loyola University is hosting a campus celebration to honor the woman who helped inspire generations of its students.

"I tell students all the time you can't be somebody different. You have to be yourself. The person God wanted you to be, and so just use your talents that God has given you and just live your life," Sister Jean said.

So far, Sister Jean said she's been fortunate to check off many boxes on her life "to-do" list.

But when asked, she said she still has at least one more goal before she reaches 101.

"I have one more box, I want to walk again. I'm not walking right now from my hip replacement, my shingles, so I want to walk again. That's my big wish," she said.

Sister Jean said last year she did have help blowing out her birthday candles and this year she expects no different at year 100.