Lifeguard, nurse honored for saving toddler after near-drowning incident in Marple Twp.

It happened back on August 19 when Mike McCloskey said he heard a scream for help at the Drexel Swim Club.
MARPLE TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The Marple Township Commissioners and police department issued high praise for two individuals who saved a 21-month-old toddler over the summer.

It was back on August 19 when lifeguard Mike McCloskey said he heard a scream for help while at the Drexel Swim Club.

"It was my second to last day at the pool. I was just chilling there and then I hear a scream for help, and it was coming from the baby pool," he recalled

Those screams were coming from Diane Dydak, who was with her three kids in the baby pool when she spotted another child go under the water.

"We were at the baby pool and I just happen to turn around and see little Connor under the water. So mother's instinct kicked in and I just went and grabbed him and picked him up out of the baby pool," said Dydak, who is also a nurse.

The child was unconscious and not breathing after being pulled from the water.

"His face was just really flushed, he looked blue so I just started chest compressions," said McCloskey.

"We had someone calling 911. We checked his pulse. We did what we needed to do, initiated CPR, and we were able to revive him," said Dydak.

Connor's mom, Mary Grace Miller, says her son is doing great.

"I'm just so grateful for everyone and everything they did for him," said Miller.

On Monday night, Dydak and McCloskey were both honored for their life-saving efforts.

"Thank you, everybody. Thank you for this honor. Beautiful we have little Connor there," said Dydak. "It's just a miracle, and it just shows how precious life is."

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