McClure Elementary reopens again with asbestos sealed off in parts of school

ByCorey Davis via WPVI logo
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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McClure Elementary School reopened after being deemed safe by the school district and the teachers union.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Alexander K. McClure Elementary School reopened Wednesday after being deemed safe by the school district and the teachers union, but there's still asbestos in the building and the district says those areas are safely sealed off.

"After the testing last week, it's in the attic and parts of the basement, so those areas will be contained," according to school district spokesperson Monica Lewis.

Lewis said cleaning will continue after school hours when the building is empty and during the summer.

A building engineer will check the rooms every day to be sure the areas remain sealed when teachers and students are in the school, according to Lewis.

The building has been shut down and reopened twice since December. In all, students have missed nearly five weeks of classroom time.

"At this point, I don't know what to believe. I'm very uncomfortable sending my children here," said parent Betzaida Albizu-Burke.

Parent Veronica Bing-Perry added, "This is awful, the school is not ready."

Bing-Perry continues to protest with other parents and isn't allowing her son to return to class.

Another parent said she has to see what happens next before fully determining whether she believes children should be removed from the school.

"I am a mother and I understand that there are concerns, and I think all of us can understand where the parents are coming from, but we're asking that they trust us and work with us," Lewis said.

District officials said they'll continue to run tests as cleaning continues at the school.