DASHCAM VIDEO: Police officer barely avoids being struck by train in Illinois

MOKENA, Ill. (WPVI) -- A police officer's dash cam captured the moment he narrowly avoided being hit by a train at a crossing in Mokena, Illinois.

The near-tragedy is being blamed on an electrical problem with the crossing gate. Multiple drivers have almost been hit at that crossing.

The now-viral dash cam video shows the officer's quick reaction, leaving riders amazed.

"Cat-like reflexes," said commuter Chris Blake. "He was lucky that he did. It would be a lot different if that wasn't the case."

Mokena police said Officer Peter Staglewicz was driving on 191st Street in November when an inbound Rock Island Line train came speeding through the crossing.

Warning lights can be seen flashing, but not until the moment when the train arrives. The warning gates also do not fall until the train arrives.

It was also a close call for the driver in front of the Staglewicz.

Metra said the problem was an electrical short in the crossing gate. The equipment was repaired a few hours later, according to Metra, after precautions were taken to prevent future near-misses.

In posting the video on his Facebook page, Stanglewicz wrote he may have used a lifetime's worth of luck in that near-miss moment.
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