Cease and desist order lifted at Delaware's only Muslim cemetery

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- A new cemetery in New Castle County, Delaware has caused quite a controversy over the past few weeks. But after a meeting with county officials Wednesday, all parties involved have come to an agreement.

The cemetery is in a field at Port Penn and Pole Bridge roads near Port Penn.

It's called the "Muslim Cemetery of Delaware" and is run by a Muslim group called "A Light of Hope."

The group has performed three burials there so far, but because there is no roadway and no parking at the cemetery, residents in the area complained.

Turns out "A Light of Hope" legally purchased the land and got the proper permit to use it for burials, but they haven't yet followed the site regulations.

But they say they will now, and the county will allow a burial to take place this Friday for a very sick child who is being taken off life support.

Malik Gordon is the sick child's father.

He says his 1-year-old daughter was born with life-threatening birth defects and there is no way to save her.

Gordon said giving her a proper Muslim burial will give his family the peace they need during this difficult time.
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