CDC warns about counterfeit N95, KN95 masks

The CDC says about 60% of N95 or KN95 on the market are counterfeit.
The CDC is warning about fake COVID masks.

Officials say about 60% of N95 or KN95 masks on the market are counterfeit.

Here are some ways to identify the real ones.

First, the US certifies N95s.

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And you will notice those masks have the letters "NIOSH" on them, meaning they meet the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health requirements.

China approves the KN95 masks, so they will not have those letters.

But, the face-piece respirator on these masks should have headbands, not ear loops.

And, the N95 should not have decorative fabric, add-ons or elaborate claims.

Health experts say you should be able to wear the same mask for three days.
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