Philadelphia Eagles ready to move on after surprise loss, injuries and defensive woes

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Friday, November 18, 2022
Eagles ready to move on after surprise loss, injuries
They lost their first game and a big star on offense. Yet, the Eagles are focused on the task ahead: winning when it matters most.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Eagles lost their first game of the season, the team's first loss since January's playoff defeat in Tampa. Going 17-0 was going to be tough, but the Washington Commanders being the ones to end the streak was a shock.

The locker room Monday night had the sense that a lot of guys were actually relieved.

They didn't want to lose, but now they don't have to hear the 17-0 talk anymore.

As much as players try to tune things like that out, it's a distraction having to be asked about it constantly when the team's actual mantra is not 17-0, but going 1-0 every week.

Now there appears to be a blueprint for beating the Eagles. Every team in the league has the tape of this game and can see what Washington did to be so successful against them.

It'll be Nick Sirianni's job to make adjustments.

Add to that, the Birds lost a huge weapon in Dallas Goedert - not only as a reliable receiver, who led all tight ends in yards after the catch, but also as a competent blocker up front.

That is of most concern, how do you replace him and his production, all the while adjusting to what the Commanders showed can work against them?

While they should not be worried at all about a loss, they should be a bit worried about too many more of them. After all, this is a tight league.

The Eagles are only a game up on the Giants in the NFC East, and now tied with the Vikings atop the NFC, but own the tiebreaker.

Losing homefield advantage in the playoffs is far greater than losing any old regular season game.

Because as Darius Slay said in the locker room - it doesn't matter that they lost on Monday, as long as they win the last one in February.