Delaware's singing seniors get an 'Encore' with new chorale program

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Saturday, June 25, 2022
Delaware's singing seniors get an 'Encore' with new chorale program
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A new "Encore Chorale" program in Wilmington is setting the stage for older adults to hit a high note!

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- "When I was much younger, I was always involved with music in junior choirs and chorale groups," said Diane White. "Life gets in the way and people move on, you know, so I'm trying to reignite the spark."

Luckily for White, a new chorale program is being introduced in Wilmington, Delaware, this year.

The parent organization, "Encore Creativity for Older Adults," recently celebrated its 15th semester in existence. With chapters in Washington D.C., New York, California, and more, conductor David Simmons wanted to establish one in his new hometown of Wilmington.

"We're going to bring them an opportunity to be in a musical organization where they feel comfortable and where they feel rewarded and most of all, they have a sense of community and fun," said Simmons.

Today's free vocal warmup and practice served as an open-house information session for interested seniors in the area. Registration for the fall semester, the first in Wilmington, will open online at on Monday, July 18.

Participants will enjoy a 14-15 week-long course that meets every Thursday morning. It will culminate with a performance in December of this year.

Local resident Mark Clark is thankful to have the program in his backyard since music has lighted his way through overcoming a speech impediment.

"I used to sing in the church choir and I just never gave up," said Clark. "And I can speak clearer now. I am very, very thankful and I'm blessed."

To learn more about Encore Creativity for Older Adults, visit their website.

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