Pa. sisters craft small business to help kids learn STEM skills

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Sunday, January 15, 2023
Pa. sisters craft small business to help kids learn STEM skills
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Two Bensalem sisters are picking up steam in the science world, crafting a small business among many other accomplishments.

BENSALEM, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "I really believe in bringing especially young girls but even just young kids into the science and STEM world," said Keira Seidman. "And I feel like I was able to start young, but a lot of kids don't really have any activities to do."

Keira, 16, and her sister, Sophia, 14, first fell in love with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math when they attended a Young Innovator's Fair. Their parents fostered their interests by gearing their holiday gifts towards robotics kits and eventually a 3D printer.

Printing and making crafts started as a hobby, but the girls soon learned they could start their own business with it. Adding "Art" into the acronym, they created STEAMcraft out of an office space in their house.

"After I make the nameplate, my sister can send it to the 3D printer, so that way, it knows how to print it layer by layer," said Sophia. "So that way, we both do the things that we do best when manufacturing our products."

STEAMcraft specializes in 3D printing nameplates and other small trinkets. But most of their sales come from DIY craft kits designed for kids to create their own miniature lightsabers or character pins. Keira and her sister outfit each baggie with the proper materials and a science lesson.

"We do a lot of different craft activities and it kind of just brings everything that I love to do into one little business," said Keira.

Keira and Sophia are both involved in plenty of extracurricular activities spanning softball, hockey, math, chess, robotics, poetry, volunteering, tutoring, and more.

Last year, Keira was the recipient of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education Distinguished Student Award for 2022. She was also recognized as an honoree at the YWCA Bucks County Salute to Women Who Make A Difference.

She and her sister have dreams of using STEM in their future careers. They also want to inspire other girls to do the same.

"It's increasing, but there's still not as many women in this field," said Keira. "And I would like to be like an inspiration to young girls who think, 'Oh, it's just a men's field.' Or, 'I can't do this,' that you can do it."

To learn more about STEAMcraft, visit their Facebook page.

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