Baseball Terms: Brush up on your acronyms!

The Philadelphia Phillies are starting the season with a 4-1 record. Whether you're a diehard or a bandwagoner, the team is bringing a lot of excitement to the city of Brotherly Love.

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If the first series of 2019 is any indication of how this season is going to play out, Phillies fans should be very happy.

Whether you watch on television or head down to Citizens Bank Park, you will see these terms referenced throughout the game:

HR: Home Run

HBP: Hit By Pitch

K: Struck Out Swinging

>|: Struck Out Looking

BB: Walk

IBB: Intentional Walk

RISP: Runners In Scoring Position
(man on second base or third base)

WHIP: Walks and Hits Per Inning

RBI: Runs Batted In

AB: At-Bat
(When a batter reaches base via fielder's choice, hit, error, or put out on a non-sacrifice)

OBP: On-Base Percentage
(How often a batter reaches base)

SLG: Slugging Percentage
(Measures batting productivity of a hitter)

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