New Jersey beach chair company's business booms after 'Shark Tank' appearance

EDISON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Business is booming for a New Jersey couple after their appearance on 'Shark Tank' last Friday.

Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner pitched their a high-end beach chair to the "sharks"- and they made a deal.

"This immediate spike in awareness, having millions of people see our story and our product, business is just about 10 times more," said Besner.

The owners of Sunflow have since canceled travel plans to manage their workload.

"At 6:45 this morning, we canceled our flights to the conference because we knew we needed to be here with most of the team to pack shipments to customers," said Besner.

Gregory and Leslie went to the tank because they needed an investment of a million dollars to keep up with the high demands. Unfortunately, the deal did not pan out as expected.

"Unfortunately, the investment from Mr. Wonderful didn't actually come to fruition. Fortunately, we had many other investors who heard about Sunflow's story and we ended up not just raising a million dollars but three and a half million dollars," said Besner.

For the New Jersey couple, the tank paid off after all.
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