The Garden Railway features Waterworks, Philly City Hall and other popular roadside attractions

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Monday, August 22, 2022
Garden Railway features Philly City Hall, other popular attractions
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The garden railway will feature handmade replicas of iconic American landmarks.

CHESTNUT HILL, Pa. (WPVI) -- At Morris Arboretum's Garden Railway, new and vintage trains wind and bend their way past America's favorite roadside attractions.

It's a chance to see Randy's Donuts and the World's oldest and largest pecan.

The model railroad stretches a quarter mile long.

Along the way, you'll also see iconic Philadelphia landmarks, including a replica of the Museum of Art and the Betsy Ross House.

You can see the Waterworks along with intricate details on Independence Hall and City Hall's clocktower.

The displays are hand-crafted out of natural materials with willow wood used to support the bridges.

The trains have been running for 24 years, and for many, it's become a tradition.

"People who came as children to see the Garden Railway are now bringing their children back," says Vince Marrocco, Director of Horticulture.

The Garden Railway is included in the price of admission to the Arboretum.

It was originally the summer home of the iron manufacturing Morris family, and it became the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania in 1932.

The Garden Railway: America's Roadside Attractions runs through October 10.

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