The Domes at The Oval XP new experience will "Blow Your Mind"

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Sneak Peek inside the Domes at The Oval XP
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If you've driven or walked by The Oval XP and wondered what's inside those two massive, white domes, we got a sneak peek!

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you've driven or walked by The Oval XP and wondered what's inside those two massive white domes, we got a sneak peek.

Inside, there are brand new, never-before-seen, 360-degree immersive audio and visual experiences that the creator, a Temple University grad and Media, Delaware County native, says will absolutely "blow your mind."

"My personal favorite is the beginning when you walk in and you are just starting to understand the scope of it," says Will Horrocks of Our People Entertainment. "It's one thing to see it from the outside, but it's another thing to see the incredible imagery wrapping around inside. It can be a next-level, out-of-this-world experience. A lot of folks walk out of there saying, 'I cannot believe the visuals, the capabilities and the possibilities that can be done there. It's awe inspiring.'"

The domes officially debuted Wednesday.

The smaller one offers health and wellness programming.

The larger one will have movies, musical performances, family-friendly programming, and a variety of different experiences that you will be fully immersed in.

"One in particular that we did already announce is the 'Dome of the Dead' experience, which is going to be a celebration of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead," said Horrocks.

"Dead in the Dome" is on tap for July 28 and 29.

Again, it's just one of many experiences scheduled for the next few weeks.

"The Domes at the Oval XP" are here through August 21 along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Some of the programming is free, but other events you do have to register for.