5th grader teaches Philadelphia officer TikTok dance challenge

Hy'mier said it didn't take long for the officer to pick up the moves.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A dance challenge seen on TikTok played out on a Philadelphia sidewalk over the weekend.

Fifth-grader Hy'mier Bennet showed a Philadelphia police officer the "Shake It" dance in Frankford.

And those who recorded the interaction couldn't help but laugh.

Hy'mier told Action News that he doesn't know the officer, but said it didn't take long for him to pick up the moves.

"I just started dancing in front of his car. He just hopped out and said, 'teach me how to do it," Hy'mier said.

Hy'mier even gave Action News a virtual tutorial right before drop-off at his school.

He says he was happy to teach the officer the viral moves and reaffirmed his perception of those who serve his community.

"I always had a good thing with police," Hy'mier said. "Not all cops are bad cops."

Hy'mier hopes to challenge the officer to a dance-off soon.

Hy'mier says he will win, of course.
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