A taste of reggae at Philly wine festival

Sunday, September 1, 2019
A taste of reggae at Philly wine festival
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Reggae flare filled the air at this Philadelphia festival. Community Journalist Matteo reports.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Guava and passionfruit wine was pouring at Philly's second Reggae Wine, Food & Music Festival!

The Caribbean-themed festival is a partnership between the United Caribbean Association of Philadelphia and Soca Wine.

The 16-flavor smorgasbord is the result of multiple taste-testing that narrow down the best flavors. Participants could try out each wine before deciding if they wanted to buy a full bottle. On the food menu? Jamaican jerk chicken and oxtail.

The picturesque scene was at the Belmont Mansion with a view of the Philadelphia skyline draped in the sky like wallpaper. The mansion's director, Janice Sykes-Ross, says they want the reggae festival to be the signature event at the venue.

Soca Wine is owned by Nigel Holder, a native of Trinidad and Tobago. He grew up making homemade wine and is now bringing rich flavors to Maryland, Philadelphia and beyond. To learn more, visit their site.