Woman sends love to her father with window stickers in times of Coronavirus concerns

ABINGTON, Pa. -- Concerns about COVID-19 have separated families from loved ones in nursing homes. Senior citizens often depend on visitors to lift their spirits. But for the time being, no guests are allowed in.

This includes Sunrise in Abington, an assisted living facility where Marianne Liberto's father lives. 95-year-old Alfonso Liberto, a World War II hero, always looked forward to daily visits from his family until the Coronavirus promptly put elders at risk.

Marianne came up with an idea so her father wouldn't feel so lonely. She visits his first-floor window, pasting decal stickers on the glass and stamping them with her own kisses. A window pane might separate their hands from holding one another, but it is not enough to break the bonds between a father and his daughter.

The outdoor visits became a tradition last year when Marianne had a case of the flu. Without stepping foot into the building, she still kept her father company through the window. Unfortunately, that short-term solution reared its head earlier this month as a result of this ongoing global pandemic.

However, it is not the only way that people can communicate with loved ones at Sunrise. The assisted living facility wants families to know that they have opportunities to Skype or FaceTime with its residents during the quarantine.

They have provided 6abc Action News with the following statement:

"This is a challenging time for everyone, and we are trying to maintain normalcy for our residents as much as possible. We're providing families with ample opportunities to see their loved ones through Skype and FaceTime, but it's part of this family's normal routine to swing by and wave or say 'hi' to dad. If that is what makes our resident happy, then that is all that matters to us. We want to thank all our residents and families for their patience, understanding and words of support in recent weeks. It is an honor and privilege to serve this community."

Marianne says our elders need the support now more than ever. Individuals with compromised immune systems, especially senior citizens, are considered the most vulnerable when it comes to the Coronavirus.

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